Mona Lisa in my Boat

‘Monalisa in my Boat’ is a painting that I wanted to paint it someday in my life. Mona Lisa itself is a very admired, very well known and very beautiful example of the artwork ever made in this world with the hardship of 3 years by Italian Artist Leonardo Da Vinci, He painted the painting of the portrait of Mona Lisa in 1503 – 1506 on the wood panal by using oil color, is also known as ‘La Gioconda’.  Currently, this painting is in the Louvre Museum, Paris.

I used to learn about Leonardo Da Vinci in my textbook during my school days and also used to think about the Mona Lisa when I did not know someday I will pursue my art career. Anyway, I was very keen to make drawings and pictures since my childhood. It was my hobby as well as seriously I was starting doing art with understanding my latent talent during my high school days. I pursue my passion through learning with local masters in Pokhara and started working in the Gallery as a gallery staff. I have tremendous experience to learn & practice art but my passion to have a higher education in Fine Arts couldn’t make me stay there and I came to Kathmandu to have my formal education in Art. After having my formal education from Tribhuvan University, my art practices has been moving along with my career.

The painting ‘Monalisa in my Boat’ is the outcome of my dream to paint Monalisa one day in my life. The primary inspiration to paint this painting comes from my inner intuitions, I was searching my own perspectives to paint Mona Lisa because if I would paint it as it is then I knew it would be no more than a replica of the original one. I took the inspiration from Senior Artist Manoj Babu Mishra, he has done several paintings on the series of Mona Lisa, Portraying her in a Nepali way.

I started this painting right after the demise of celebrated veteran artist Manuj Babu Mishra. After the funeral and having a last moment with him I thought I should paint the Monalisa and pay a respect to his contribution too. Initially, I started with some doodling about how to portray the Mona Lisa, Later on, after some practices I found my clear vision to paint ‘Mona Lisa in my Boat’ with an attire of a Newari girl, I wanted to relate my self and the cultural aspects I m associated with so better I took the reference of my artist spouse Sabita Dangol, She belongs to the Newar Community so  I took her one picture sat on a water boat (during a visit to Fewa Lake as a reference) then I started making a layout on it. Till then I had a complete visual on how to portray her in Newari attire and I took some images for the Newari wardrobe too as a reference. I started this painting continuously for 3 weeks and finally finished with a different taste. This painting was a center of attraction during my 4th Solo Art Exhibition ” Ethos of Surrounding”.

The core reason behind this painting is nonetheless a personal desire to paint it in my own way and style and I hope, I did it. I hope you have also enjoyed the piece ‘ Monalisa in my Boat ‘.

Currently, this painting is already in a private collection. I’m preparing for a limited edition of this artwork so If you are interested please drop an email on >

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