‘Art for Nature’ Exhibition started from 3rd February 2019 at NAC

‘Art for Nature’ 4th International Workshop four-day workshop was organized by RFWV (Relief fund for Wildlife Victims) & WWF and coordinated by Art Club Nepal at Parsha National Park,  Aadhabhar, Bara district, Province No.2 from 8th – 11th January 2019. During the workshop, artist was given a presentation and talk on the introduction of Parsha National Park and its importance to the preservation of the wild animals. The park has been protecting wild elephant in the number 60-65, Tiger 10, Gauri Gai 105 (wild cow) and Rhino 3-5. The presentation and overall discussion include how the deforestation and urbanization have been affecting the wildlife and their habitat. The policy and governmental development are affecting the wild animals about their daily need, food, water, track. The policy maker and development is less/unaware of the wild animal about their own track, migration from one place to another. They have to pass through multi-lane highway and nearby airport and that is the big challenging for their wildlife in the future.
‘Artist is the creative person they have the special capacity to turn the message of solidarity towards the protection of our ecology as well as betterment of the surrounding to the next generation. so I always admire the artist and their artworks which can tell thousands of the word within their canvas and this program is dedicated to the artist to play the role for the conservation of the wildlife & forest.”  stated by Dr. Prabhu Budhathoki, organizer of this workshop from RFWV. The artist was provided a visit to the affected/protected area around the national park like Bhata-Halkhoria lake-as well till the Neejgadh. The artist was supposed to research and field visit to get inspiration to produce their artwork. the objective of this workshop is to the preservation of the forest as well as wildlife animals/ endangered animals and their habitat through the awareness and giving the message through the artworks created by the well-known artist from Nepal & foreign artist. The 12 participant artist were Sudarshan Biram Rana, Sunita Rana, Rajan Pant, Jasmine Rajbhandari, Sangita Ghimire, Ishan Pariyar, Sabita Dangol, Surem Deshar, Pradhi Rana, French Artist Greby Vincent  & 2 artists from Finland. The painting created after this workshop will be exhibited as an Art Exhibition in  Nepal Art Council Gallery, Babarmahal, Kathmandu on 3rd February 2018.

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