About my Artwork

I prefer to work on social and environmental subjects.  When I search for a concept for my painting, I contemplate and focus on the issues or subjects that I have chosen & prefer. Then I interpret and retell the intuitions that I get from them. Gradually the impression that I gain from the surroundings also adds up to my ideas and this is how my opinions get nurtured that I eventually transform into my work of art. Sometimes I wander into memory lane as the nostalgic ideas and icons longs for those old times. This is when my recollections and imagination meet. However, this does not happen in all of my paintings; it only happens in the ones in which I infuse my particular memories. Yet occasionally the questions that come to my mind whenever I am filtering my experiences for art are the existential ones such as who or what am I?  And where I come from?

The methodology I use while painting is that I select some of my collections of photographs/sketches. These materials visually connect me to various locations generating feelings of attachment. My locality where I used to breathe, play and grew, they all assemble into one story that encourages me to delve even deeper finally bringing out various shapes and colors. So the objects like the water hyacinth and the lake, boat, and other images found in the surroundings tell the visual story of where I belong. This is how I sense my own presence with clarity. I incorporate bitter guard as the background texture to convey the idea of a social imbalance in my painting. Therefore, these motifs and metaphors are sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, my paintings are about the ups and downs of life that is intensified by the visualization of the surroundings.


Ishan Pariyar (born 1984) received his MFA Degree in Painting from Central Department of Fine Art, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal in 2013. He is the recipient of ‘National Fine Art Award’ from Nepal Academy of Fine Art, ‘Creative Young Artist Award’ by Siddhi Setuli Pratisthan, ‘Sita Shree Talent Award’ by Pant Memorial Academy, ‘Prashanta Memorial Scholarship Talent Award’ by Prashanta Memorial Society and numerous prizes and awards for his art practice. He has five solo shows to his credit and his recent solo exhibit was held at Siddhartha Art Gallery in June 2019. His painting was selected for the prestigious and Asia’s oldest Biennale ‘18th Asian Art Biennale’ at the Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka Bangladesh. He was selected in AIR_MCUBE artist in residence by Gallery MCUBE in 2014 & ‘Artists Residency Program’ by Bindu space for artists’ in 2012.

He has participated in national/international art exhibitions including the National Exhibition of Fine Arts organized by the National Association of Fine Arts (which transitioned to the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts)  since 2006, ‘A Space for Freedom & Equality’, American Center Kathmandu, American Embassy in Kathmandu, Amalgam 2018 at Siddhartha Art Gallery,  Himalayan Art Festival by E Arts Nepal 2018/19 edition, China -South Asia Art Exchange Exhibition, Kunming, China, Nepali Magic -featuring Art and Impressions from Kathmandu and Himalayas in Virginia, USA, ‘A Flight of Nepali Art’ by Danfe & DC at Eastbourne UK, ‘Nepali Pasal’ the Nepali Shop at Asia Kula Kula Ring, Asia Culture Center in Gwangju South Korea, ‘Imago Mundi Nepal Collection’ exhibition at Taragaon Museum, Boudha Kathmandu, 6th ‘Incubate International Art Festival’ in Spain, Shraddhanjali’ Asia Level Art Show, AAO in Orissa India,  ‘Art for Nature’ Relief fund for Wildlife Victims RFWV & EBA Project at Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu, Breaking the Silence: Ending Impunity’ organized by Story Kitchen at Himalayan Hotel, ‘  ‘International Watercolor Festival’ International Watercolor Society, at Nepal Art Council, ‘Nepali Watercolor Painting’ by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, “7th/8th/9th/10th Park Art Fair” by Park Gallery, ‘Return to Nature’ an art excursion and exhibition by Park Gallery.

He has participated in several art workshops including ‘Art for Nature’ Inter-national workshop 2019/2017 WWF & RFWV, Conservation Art Tour 2070 by National Trust for Nature Conservation (ACAP) in Kaski, NCELL Kalajatra Paper mache mask making workshop by Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center, ‘Federal Life’ workshop & exhibition by UNDP and Kathmandu University, CRACK International Art Camp in  Bangladesh, KIPAF’17 Performance Art Workshop ‘SPACE,+ BODY AS A MATERIAL’ by TONY  SCHWENSEN Kolkata, India, INTERIOR AND EXHIBITION DESIGN WORKSHOP by Siddhartha Arts Foundation Education initiative,  ‘Free the life within you’, Painting workshop by KCAC AIR Ted Barr at Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center, ‘Experiment in Watercolor’ by International Watercolor Society (IWS) Nepal, National workshop on building artists’ network in Nepal by Lasanaa, Kathmandu ‘Techne’ kala’: enriching art practices through research by Lasanaa, Collaborative art workshop and research by Bindu space for artists’,  Development of children literature and illustration in Nepal, by Denis Writer’s Association, Children’s Literature Society and Room to Read, ‘Collaborative art workshop and research’ by Bindu space for artist & Artist Network Asia, ‘Running with cameras’ video-art workshop by Sutra.

His art practice includes performance and he has participated in the 18th NIPAF ASIA series (Nippon International Performance Art Festival), Japan, Kolkata International Performance Art Festival India in 2016 & 2014, ‘Expression Expedition’ interdisciplinary projects by Luna Poets. Furthermore, he has participated in the ‘Series of Performance Art in Kathmandu’ organized by Bindu space for artist since 2013. 


Ishan likes to explore his ideas through social and environmental subjects in his artworks. About his painting, presently the metaphor that visits his canvas frequently other than bitter melon is a boat. Here boat suggests a journey, a solitude one and the water where the boat floats have a texture of bitter melon. However, if one endures, it is all worth a while is his message. The additional images he incorporates are sculptures of deities and portions of human which suggest faith and hope that is in the process of completion. With all his metaphors and suggestions in his canvas, he narrates stories of human beings, their dreams, illusions, imaginations, and realities.