“Ishan links Kathmandu valley with the city of Pokhara where the sacred temple of Taal Barahi is situated at the center of the Phewa Taal lake. Each pilgrim makes a journey by boat to reach this shakti sthal or sacred space, circumambulating the temple with myriad hope and dream. Thus the journey becomes a microcosm of life itself, frozen in the flow of time, as each pilgrim plies their boats on the symbolically eternal waters that are churned by bittersweet desires and aspirations. Pariyar’s paintings depict the parallel journey that the Gods themselves embark upon,  as each pilgrim carries an image of a sacred being in their hearts – the boat, the mind/heart,  time and the divine metamorphose into one and these waters and time become the nourishing space for these spiritual transitions. There are there multiple voyages in Pariyar’s paintings: do the Gods make their own independent journeys on these waters fraught with human or divine culpabilities? Are they the guardians of time or mute observers channeling their energy to make us preserve that which we hold precious and sacred for the future generation. There is no doubt that Ishan’s beautiful and thought-provoking series current series asks many pertinent questions.”

Sangeeta Thapa   Director / Curator  Siddhartha Art Gallery



” A true artist would always love to explore more for individuality in expressions. The artist of the present series ‘Ethos of Surrounding’, Ishan Pariyar presents us a glaring example.  Ishan is a native of Pokhara, the town best known for the nature grandeur and the serene beauty of the lakes. As an artist Ishan, it is apparent, since very his childhood, has had always remained deeply inspired by his surroundings. Albeit often said time and space help change a human, but herein Ishan, through the ‘Ethos of Surroundings’ proves that roots are hardly forgotten. For sure, during his years in higher learning in Art for MFA and after, he did stay long away from home. Yet it appears, in heart, he always remained close to his home and its’ surroundings. And this is what he is seeking to unveil here – long hidden in the core of his minds. No wonder, he has aptly titled it – ‘Ethos of Surrounding’.

To convey the feelings, Ishan has used recurring imageries of boats – reminding one of the boating in the famed lakes of his native town. And the rich choice of colors and the adept use of space have made his compositions more meaningful and powerful. Through the series, it is hoped, a visitor is unknowingly led to his beloved town of Pokhara and its’ surroundings. ”

Madan Chitrakar Artist/ Art Writer



” Ishan is……the artist of the new generation. When one views his work no one can assume that the artworks are by such a young artist. He is indeed very talented for his age. He comes from Pokhara where he had artistic surroundings. Coming to Kathmandu to pursue art education was not an easy task for him. But his devotion and dedication towards art and a will to become an artist eased up his struggle and made it all possible. In a short span of time, he has managed to create his own distinct approach and style towards art. This is proof that art is not only for those who have easy access to the artistic background in Kathmandu valley but when one is committed then s/he will surely progress towards a positive direction.

When we view the artistic style and tendency of the artist, he seems influenced by the ultra-modern trend in art that is expanding the world over. His works contain all the aspects and qualities that define the art of the new age; in terms of style, technique, presentation, subject matter and placement of his represented objects. All these exceptional qualities have made his work appear outstanding. However, when we contemplate on his future in art, it would be a little too early to assert anything since this is his initial art exhibition.  His creative destination still lies in the womb that will reveal itself only in the future. But his selection of topics and his way of representing them undoubtedly foretells his sure and certain success in the art field. In all this positivity, yet, some of the artworks look different than the rest in terms of presentation. Other than this the will and maturity of the artist have unified all the visual variations in the canvases. However, at a conceptual level, unlike in the visual context, his artworks display amazing consistency.

He is curious and is influenced by nature. He feels that the bitterness that comes from the anxious and the longing mind hides in the Himalayas, yet humans still experience beauty. Various subjects and objects such as climate change, mineral water, and water jars, other creatures and himself, he represents them all in the texture of bitter gourd. The texture of this vegetable evokes a sense of harmony and beauty in the mind of the onlooker. He chooses to wrap his depictions in a bitter gourd for he wants to uncover the bitterness that persists in the world today. The texture and pattern of bitter gourd simultaneously reveal bitterness and the beauty one experiences in the present world situation. I wish all the very best to the artist.”

Mukesh Malla Artist/ Art Critic



“…In contrast, Ishan’s human figures are usually found in stages of dissolution or unrest,  in obvious representation of their inner turmoil, One piece particularly held my attention – a green tiger leaping through a digital wristwatch. The metaphor is tried and tested perhaps, but strangely stirringas a visual.”

Kurchi Dasgupta Artist and Art Writer, a member of AICA (International Art Critics Association)



“There are very few artists in Nepal in the younger slot who delve within the surface of reality in search of creative unification between the things one experience and the incidents one observes from a distance. Here it would be sound to say that Ishan Pariyar is one such artist, active from a decade in art depicting deeper layers of reality through his metaphors. His art, philosophic in nature, interacts with its audience from various levels. His way of creatively conceptualizing his subject matter is by amalgamating his experience with the borrowed philosophies such as religion and social norms. He paints social angst and voices human restlessness: however, his desired goal through all this is bliss which is evident through the soothing and balanced color schemes that he utilizes. He incorporates bitter melon as the background texture to convey the idea of social imbalance.”

Saroj Bajracharya Painter/ Writer/ Curator



“Born and raised in Pokhara, Ishan’s attachment to the environment and natural world around him stays close to his heart. The artworks exhibited in this exhibition depict his bonding  with his childhood and its vicinity, water, boats, lakes, water hyacinth are objects that are representational of Pokhara, a popular lake-side city of Nepal. As the quote explains that it is necessary to delve backwards into one’s life to move ahead, Ishan did just so!

To conceive a theme for his new series of work, he contemplated on his identity, place of belonging and realized that the objects close to his heart define what he is now. Moving forward, he adds the social and environmental concepts that touch upon our urban lifestyle, to provide a visual link with his audience.
Ishan’s artistic journey has awarded him prestigious honours and as he continues his travel, participating in numerous exhibitions, nationally and internationally”

Swosti R Kayastha Curator/PR Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu, Nepal



“A visual artist is an illusionist. S/he can create things that do not exist in reality yet can make you a believer that you know don’t exist. In the realm of their imagination just about anything is possible. Such artist can create illustrations, paintings or sculptures that in their silence may scream in the loudest voice and in their stillness can produce movement unfathomable and in such a way that it can cut through your soul, can uplift your spirits or tear you apart without your consent in a moment’s time. Nepali Artist Ishan Pariyar, is no different. This extremely talented Visual artist is making a proper mark on the current art scene. Ishan Pariyar is the one who bring a myriad of visual culture influences to his fine art practice. This young artist express his experience of Nepal’s diverse social and cultural landscape in varied and fascinating ways.Unlike many other artists, Ishan Pariyar set out on his artistic journey at a very young age, after having identified a vision of his destiny.”


Vol- 06, Year — 2018, SPECIAL ISSUE