We are on the same boat I Acrylic on canvas I 50x40inch I 2020





This painting is the result of my intuition which was created at the beginning of 2020 under the influence of the conditions we are all facing. Covid 2019/20/21 taught us the importance of humanity that we should have thought about our existence, and still have to think about. I think we are all moving towards the future together on the same planet, in the same vehicle. Which is the same planet Earth! We are on the same planet like Earth! We are moving in the direction of the future with the same planetary boat, there is no other option for our journey. That is why my painting seeks to give importance to every life and every creature and to say that everyone should think about it! So, let’s think about saving our mother earth for once!



We are on the same boat is a vibrant example of contemporary artwork that carries the sublime thought on the current world situation created due to Covid19. Everyone has realized the human value and a sense of belonging to a single planet throughout this pandemic. This is one of the best painting artists has created to showcase the significance of every living and nonliving element in this living planet.