Performance Art

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About my Performance Art

My works are varied from social to environmental context through the different medium of art. I would like to explore my ideas, experience, impact throughout the experience I gained from the surrounding elements. My works are the depiction of the inner motif that is affected by the nowadays human activities. besides the painting, video art, installations, I feel very open to exploring myself taking my body as a tool to extend my concept.
My concept differs from the different topic that I choose from the choice of the context. I think our surrounding elements are affecting every step of life. Anyway, we have to push our life whatever situations come in front of us. Our life is like a metamorphosis, moving from one stage of life to another stage. I choose the motifs like the newspaper, as a metaphor for the surrounded space, I usually take the vegetable and the fruits in my performance just as a symbolic representation of the aspects of life.