Ethos of Surrounding

The exhibition titled “ETHOS OF SURROUNDING” by the Artist Ishan Pariyar was started from 9th September. Mr. Ishan Pariyar holds an MFA degree in painting from Central Department of Fine Art, Tribhuvan University. His artwork has been displayed in various exhibition both in the national and international level.  The purpose of this event will be to showcase his art and provide a platform for the artist to connect with the art lovers. The exhibition was inaugurated by His Excellency Amjad Hussain B. Sial Secretary General of SAARC.

Mona Lisa, by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, undoubtedly is an evergreen masterpiece. Not only art lovers but also acclaimed artists look up to this work of art. Moreover, some artists have even portrayed the key character — Mona Lisa — in their artworks, including the late Manuj Babu Mishra.  The veteran artist had presented Mona Lisa in a Nepali avatar — donning a sari, alongside other accessories like pote, bangles, and tika.

Following the same footstep of Mishra, Ishan Pariyar, an aspiring artist provided his interpretation of the famous artwork in ‘Monalisa on My Boat.’  The portrait is currently on display at GG Machaan, Pulchowk. Pariyar has presented Mona Lisa in Haku Patasi in his rendition.

Talking about the portrait, Pariyar stated, “The picture is a tribute to Manuj Babu. In the painting, I’ve used boat and lake as my motif, since I belong to the lake city — Pokhara. Moreover, my wife’s Newari heritage encouraged me to include Haku Patasi as well.”Including ‘Monalisa on My Boat’, 13 of Pariyar’s artworks are being showcased in the exhibition, entitled ‘Ethos of Surrounding.’

In this exhibition, 13 number of paintings painted Acrylic on canvas was been on display, varied different size from 20×20 inch to 48×48 inch price range of 25,000/- to 1,25,000/- including in the show. The exhibition is slated to continue till September 30.


An art enthusiast watching painting ‘ Mona Lisa on my boat ‘ at solo exhibition Ethos of Surrounding


Venue-GG Machaan, Pulchowk, Damkal Road, Lalitpur

Artist Contact Details – +9779849607233

Email –

* the exhibition started from 9th till 30th September 2018.