About Mona Lisa !!!

Mona Lisa in my series !!!

This is my next new artwork in the Mona Lisa series. I have been starting this work since the beginning of January 2020. I have been doing concept making and sketching about it since time immemorial. ‘Mona Lisa’ has been in my series of paintings since 2018. The Mona Lisa is an invaluable gift from world-renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci to the world of art. It would be hard to find an artist or art enthusiast who would not be impressed by this painting. As an artist, I could not escape.

Influenced by this painting, many artists, illustrators, and digital artists from all over the world have made various self-expressions. In this context, the world-famous artist Marcel Duchamp also painted “L.H.O.O.Q.” The symbol of the Mona Lisa in the title was created for the Art Movement DADA. In the context of Nepal, it was created by the legendary artist Manuj Babu Mishra. In which he made Mona Lisa in Nepali original dress. Leading artists Srijan Rajbhandari, Manish Lal Shrestha, Asa Dangol, Sunil Sigdel, and many others have also worked with inspiration from Mona LisaIn my case, Mona Lisa is a character. She is a very popular traveler in Nepal. She has come to Nepal from Florence, Italy and I am going to take her as a guide. She loves Nepali clothes, environment, food.  In early January, Kovid’s infection was spreading from neighboring countries. Nepal was also slowly falling into this vortex. The excitement of the Visit Nepal Year 2020 in Nepal was on one side and the timid atmosphere on the other. This work gained momentum in February. Soon after, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) decided to present the painting at the annual art exhibition. That’s when the “lockdown” began. The exhibition scheduled for April 12, 2077 BS has been postponed. The reality of this picture is also like the title “See you next time”!

See you  next time 2020


Ishan Pariyar
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